300W Single Solar Panel EmuX

300W Single Solar Panel EmuX

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Max Power: 300W
Open-Circuit Voltage: 37.2V
Max Power Voltage: 30V
Max Power Current:16.6A @ 12v
Short-Circuit Current: 10.80A @ 37.2v
Maximum System Voltage: 1000V
Temperature Range: -40°C - 85°C
Solar Cell: Mono
Weight: 17kg
Size:(L x H x W) 1650x35x992mm

Product Highlights

When you're on the road, you know you need flexible power support and nothing beats the eco-friendly nature of solar power.
Your 12V solar panel is the light of your life, with its High quality of mono crystalline cells that guarantee you an effective output.
12V only, guarantees the output of the solar panels giving you piece of mind ensuring that the panel you receive perform as stated
12V only, throw in cables around 1m long with 100% waterproof MC4 connectors for the ease of connecting your solar panel up.
These panels are a glimpse at tomorrow's portable power: efficient, easy to carry, durable and 100% silent.

What's In Box

1 x 300w Solar Panel
1x Battery cable with MC4 connector

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