Farm Jack Base Plate / high lift jack base plate

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Product Highlights

  • Brand New Orange Farm Jack Base
  • Brightly Coloured For High Visibility
  • Heavy Duty and UV-Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Convenient for Carrying and Using
  • Suits Most Popular Brands Of Hi-Lift Jacks

Item Description

  • Non-Slip Textured Pattern On Bottom For Extra Grip
  • Makes Using Your Hi-Lift Jack Safer And Easier
  • Made From Heavy Duty Injection Moulded Polyethylene Plastic
  • Can Be Used As A Jockey Wheel Stand Or Even As A Wheel Chock
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Base Plate
  • This Hi-Lift Jack Base is really the best solution for a strong solid base.
  • It can increase Hi-Lift Jack support surface area, and help to stop the Hi-Lift Jack from sinking into the soft ground (sand, mud, snow, grass, etc) under various circumstances in the off-road adventure.


Material: Polyethylene Plastic
Colour: Orange
Base Size: 285mm × 285mm
Moulded Jack Foot Recess Dimensions: 182mm × 107mm
Height: 70mm
Weight: 2kg
1 Year Warranty
What's In Box
  • 1 x Hi Lift Jack Base Plate

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