14500lbs 7.25ton electric winch remote 12v truck dyneema rope 4x4

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Product Highlights

  • Tough on-n-off road guarding through swamp and pull you off the danger with hassle free!
  • Heavy duty essence on complete resistance to harsh weather, multiply intrepid reliability against corrosion and moisture!
  • Viciously pulling power drag you out of the vital circumstances! Dual modes comply with wired and wireless function!
  • 12 month warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers

Item Description

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Automatic Load-holding Brake
  • 3 Stage Planetary Gearing System
  • Synthetic Dyneema Rope
  • Power in and Power out
  • Waterproof and Mud-proof


Single line rated pull: 14500LBS (6577KG)
Controls: Remote Switch'
Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary
Permanent Magnet: 6.0HP /4.5KW series Wound
Gear Rotation: 265:1
Brake: Automatic load-holding brake
Synthetic Rope: 26m
Remote Control: Included
Recommended Battery: 650CCA Minimum For Winching
Winch Dimensions: 530x150x200mm
Weight: 28KG
1 Year Warranty
What's In Box
    • 1 x 14500LBS Electric Winch
    • 1 x Hawse Fairlead
    • 1 x Clevis Hook
    • 1 x Set of Bolts
    • 1 x Control Box
    • 2x Wireless Remote Control
    • 1 x Hand Remote Control
    • 1 x User Manual