Air Compressor Single Piston 210L

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This Dynamic Power 12V 210L/M 220PSI Heavy Duty 60mm Cylinder Portable Air Compressor is a must have if you are an off-road enthusiast! The handiness and quality will sure impress you when you most need it on those emergency situations! If you have a puncture, do not worry, it also comes with an emergency repair kit so you can keep going on your journey!

This is a compact yet efficient compressor and this inflates an SUV/4WD tyre in a blink! It can inflate various types of tires so it is also very versatile! The hose is also very unique and it comes with a very easy to use deflation valve which you are able to pre-set to the desired pressure so in case you over inflated or would like to drop the PSI in order to enjoy more grip over sandy or lose surfaces, this function will for sure come handy and practical so you have more time having fun!

The compressor main body is made of premium quality heavy duty parts. It is equipped with premium stainless steel 60mm valved cylinders, lifetime bearing mounted gearless direct drive copper motor, fused overload protection, dual foam air filters, heavy duty alligator clamps and an extra safe rubber sealed power cable in good length. A bonus carry/storage case comes with the compressor so you can keep all the holes and cables tidy and take the compressor wherever you want in your vehicle!


  • 12V input and 210L/M portable powerful and efficient
  • Tough all metal construction so it can handle various environments
  • Stainless steel valves & sealed bearings for long service life
  • Auto reset, thermal overload switch so you do not burn the compressor by overheating it
  • Heavy duty battery clips & 2.4m cable so it gives you enough reach all around your car
  • Heavy duty hose & fittings to cope with real off-road environments
  • Durable carry bag so you can keep everything tidy
  • Conveniently located carry handle.

Brand : Dynamic Power
Colour : Silver
Motor Type : Permanent Magnetic
Voltage Range: 12-13.8V
Max Amperage Draw : 35A
Power : 540W
Max Pressure : 220PSI
Max Air Flow : 210L/M
Max Ambient Temp : 60 degreeC
Min Ambient Temp :-55 degreeC
Recommended Duty Cycle : 60% (Based on 25 min.)
Hose Fitting : 1/4” NPT
Hose Length : 6m
Wire Length : 2.4
Auto Reset Thermal Protection : Yes
Weight : 8kg
Dimensions : 34.5 x 15 x 23cm (L x W x H)

  • 1x Pro Series Car Air Compressor
  • Premium Alligator Clips
  • 3x Bonus Inflatable Head Attachments(Including Toy Inflation Head and Basketball Head)
  • Fabric Carry Bag
  • User Manual