EmuX Battery Box 12v Dual USB Output

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Dual System Battery Box 12V USB

Dual USB charger sits in your existing 12-24 volt cigarette socket and charges your mobile devices.

Short circuit protection D\design

Self recovery safety function

Use your existing cables to charge your devices in car

Great way to supply dc power management to various DC accessories.

Smart battery box is designed to provide a simple and convenient way to manage battery power. The smart batter box is a great companion for small boats, caravans, camper trailers etc it provides easy quick connection for trolling motors etc. The case is strong and water proof, which is very capable of heavy duty usage. The smart battery box also provides multiple functions, USB charger, 12v DC port and blue-LED battery meter. In addition, two embedded circuit breakers help to prevent any accident faults or improper



Colour: Black

Input voltage 12-24 V DC

Output voltage DC 5V X 2 4.2A

Size 350x265x185mm

Weight 0.9kg


1 Year Warranty


What’s In Box

1 x Battery Box