Rapid Tyre Deflator Air Deflators

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Key Features

Stainless steel shaft
4-Way tyre valve tool
Premium quality brass deflator
Rapid deflating speed
Convenient hands-free deflation
Easy to read dual pressure measurements
No additional tool required
Suitable for all tyres with standard valve

1. With the slide valve pushed forward, thread the valve stem adapter onto the valve stem in a clockwise direction
2. Push the valve core remover forward until it engages the valve and turns anti-clockwise to remove the valve
3. When the valve core is removed it will push the core remover out and the gauge will read the tyre pressure
4. Pull out on the slide valve to release air. Push in on the slide valve to stop air and check the pressure. Note, the gauge will not show correct pressure whilst deflating.
5. When the desired pressure is reached, push the valve core remover in and turn clockwise until the valve seats firmly. Note: Do not overtighten the valve core.
6. Remove the unit by turning the valve stem adapter in an anti-clockwise direction. Ensure a valve cap is placed on the valve stem to prevent the ingress of debris.

1 Year Warranty

What's In Box

1 x 2-IN-1 Tyre Gauge & Deflator
1 x 4-Way Tyre Valve Tool
4 x Valve Cap
1 x Storage Case


Package Contents
1 x 2-IN-1 Tyre Gauge & Deflator
1 x 4-Way Tyre Valve Tool
1 x Valve Cap
1 x Storage Case