SAN HIMA Pair Extendable Towing Mirrors for for Holden Colorado 2012 - ON

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Don't risk you and your families safety or that of other road users. Visibility on the road while towing is paramount!


The consrtuction of the factory mirror sometimes does not take towing into consideration and driver's vision will, to a great extent be blocked by the caravan at the rear.

This pair of towing mirror is SAN HIMA's offering to your concerns. The mirrors come as full replacements, and are supplied with plug and play wires for quick installation.

San Hima also incorporates two different surfaces to provide different but crucial visuals for your driving safety.

The flat mirror is meant for regular driving, and the convex mirror, which is for broader vision to eliminate blind spots allows you to have a clear view to the lanes.

The mirror has an extension of 100mm, and can slide out a further 100mm when towing.

It can also be adjusted to areas of concern, or folded to avoid potential damage.

Made of ultra tough ABS, this mirror is equipped with all-weather performance, and has the durability to withstand harsh road conditions.


OEM Fitment: This pair of towing mirror is precisely engineered for Holden Colorado 2012 - ON

Plug & Play: This towing mirror offered by SAN HIMA is supplied with plug and play wires for quick and easy installation.

Solid Build: Made of sturdy ABS with chrome finish, the mirror is engineered for toughness to withstand any road conditions and harsh weather.

Extendable Construction: Extendable construction guarantees this mirror a total of 200mm of wider extension compared with factory ones.

Easy Adjustment: It can also be adjusted to the areas of blind spots, or manually folded inwards to prevent potential damage.

Flat Mirror: It can provide driver an unobstructed view of the rear of the vehicle, both horizontally and vertically.

Convex Mirror: It features a convex shape for enormous vision to eliminate blind spot, and can be adjusted manually.

Less Distortion: The balanced design of the mirror aims to eliminate the distortion of the rear view.


Material: Automotive grade ABS plastic


Fit for Holden Colorado 2012 - ON


Folding features:

Manually fold

Warranty: 3 Year

Size(H+W+D): 300x200mm(Mirror Size)

Weight: 10.20KG


2x Towing Mirrors


3 Years Warranty